The 2014 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference
Thursday, March 27, to Saturday, March 29

Participant Index for the Letter C
Canbolat, Mustafa S.
Carver, Robert H.
Cernas Ortiz, Daniel A.
Cetinkaya, Bilgesu
Chambers, Alanna
Chan, Alison
Chang, Shu Ling
Chang, Yu-Hsuan
Chasalow, Lewis C.
Chaudhry, Peggy E.
Chaudhry, Sohail S.
Chen, Arthur Cheng-Hsui
Chen, Chung-Kuang
Chen, De-Tzung
Chen, Hsin-Hua
Chen, Janice Y.S.
Chen, Shaw K.
Chen, Shwu Chuan
Chen, Sungpo
Chen, Ya-Chi
Cheng, Eric Yuchin
Chereau, Claude J.
Chiang, Bea
Chiang, Kuan-Pin
Chih, Wen-Hai
Chimi, Carl J.
Christian, Nicole J.
Chun, Young H.
Chung, Edward K.
Chung, Norman C.
Chung, Q.B.
Ciocirlan, Cristina
Clements, Nicolle T.
Collins, Stephanie
Corcoran, John Tyler
Crook, Jason
Crowne, Kerri Anne

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Updated 03/19/2014