The 2014 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference
Thursday, March 27, to Saturday, March 29

Participant Index for the Letter H
Ha, Daesung
Hammer, Bennet M.
Hampton-Sosa, William R.
Hanna, Jacqueline
Harper, Pamela J.
Harvey, Diane M.
Hasseler, Terri
Heineke, Janelle
Herniter, Bruce C.
Hikmet, Neset
Hill, Kathy L.
Holmes, Donald S.
Hong, Jae D.
Honohan, Catherine
Hosseini, Hengameh
Hsiao, Huichin
Hsieh, Lung-Far
Hsieh, Wei-Jen
Huang, Ting-Chung Richard
Hurley, Sarah

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Updated 03/19/2014