The 2014 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference
Thursday, March 27, to Saturday, March 29
Scheduled Events

Event Title Event IDTime
Registration EV1 Wednesday at 4:00PM
Registration EV2 Thursday at 7:30AM
Coffee EV3 Thursday at 11:10AM
Registration EV4 Thursday at 2:00PM
Coffee EV5 Thursday at 3:30PM
Registration EV6 Friday at 7:30AM
Coffee EV7 Friday at 11:10AM
Registration EV8 Friday at 2:00PM
Coffee EV9 Friday at 3:30PM
President's Reception EV10 Friday at 6:30PM
Registration EV11 Saturday at 7:30AM
Coffee EV12 Saturday at 11:10AM
Coffee EV13 Saturday at 3:30PM
Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony EV14 Saturday at 7:30PM

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Updated 03/19/2014